The natural stone comes in several array of colors, materials and styles and would include granite, marble, limestone and slate. It is very important to use the right method to care for the natural stone in order to retain both the appearance as well as the stability of your floor.


It is essential that you choose limestone cleaning & sealing Houston contractor who is experienced to restore the natural stone floors, since using the incorrect methods of chemicals may damage the material beyond repair. Know that the fundamental goal of restoring the stone is to reproduce the look as well as the feel of the newly installed stone floor.


The stone floors are a beautiful accent to any office or house if they are maintained properly. The stunning transformation is possible when floors dulled by dirt as well as scratches are polished, cleaned and also restored through the flooring professionals.


The first step would be to remove any wax which can have been applied to the surface that may have become really dirty particularly in any pits which can be present. Such pits are then filled with the use of an epoxy to match the stone's natural color.


The next thing is that the travertine polishing Houston machine is being used with several discs on the bottom of the machine while such steady flow of water is applied to maintain the dust-free atmosphere and also protect the discs as much as possible. Such peels away the worn top surface in order to reveal that pristine layer underneath. Such process is really time-consuming and it can take up to three different sets of the discs to totally grind the floor to the level needed.


The grinding process may also eliminate depressed grout joints. The grout can become level with the surface of the floor so that such dirt can no longer be developed in the recesses joint. The completely flat floor also provides the illusion of being monolithic and may improve safety by reducing the potential tripping hazards.



The grout lines are cleaned with the use of the right cleaning brushes and agents. When it comes to the removal of the excess water, the floor is then being polished with compounds and powders in order to restore a brilliant luster. Such would enable the natural color of the stone to come out that is crucial to each polishing. Any excess polish is definitely removed to prevent hazing.